Student blogs from Uganda!

This blog has been inactive for waaaay too long! Since the last post (August 2017), I’ve taught a lot of students at Bangor University about primates and human evolution, went to Zanzibar a couple of times to study the red colobus there and developed a new field course in primatology in Uganda!

The trip we did in September 2018 took me back to Kibale National Park – the site of my PhD research on chimpanzees. It was an emotional return and I saw the forest and the monkeys in a totally new way through the eyes of our students, most of whom have never been to Africa before. Not having to focus on data collection for my dissertation, I was able to take in so much more of the place and the wonderful wildlife there. It was just beautiful.

To share some of that incredible experience we will publish here some of the best blog post written by our students about their trip to Uganda. Stay tuned!

Screenshot 2018-11-10 at 11.38.53.png

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